Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the Almere waterfront. For us, nothing beats a day on the water, you discover a city in a whole new way and enjoy your company to the fullest. Almere lies – except for the dikes – completely below sea level (2 to 5 meters) and we used to be all water. We have more than 800 bridges in Almere – more than Venice – and half of them are made of water, so you could say we are a real water city! Almere has been built since 1975, and in 2016 the city had a population of 200,000. In addition to modern architecture, Almere has an abundance of greenery, which you can see incredibly well from the water. Almere is known for its segregated roads, for example, we have a separate bus lane, highways are separated from bicycle and walking paths, and the boat takes you to places you can’t get to otherwise. While sailing you will get to know Almere from a totally new side. We wish you a great day on the water!

Sailing with our sloops

You rented a boat from us, super fun! To be well prepared, we ask that you review this instruction before you set sail. We rent out the boats in fixed time slots, therefore we ask the entire party to be present 30 minutes before the start so that you can enjoy as long as possible on the water.


One person from the party reports to our staff member, using the name of the reservation. If there are small children on board, there are life jackets available, please indicate this in advance because of sizes.

The captain of the day we ask
this instructional video
to watch in advance. We’ll go over the boat with you a little more before you all get on board. If there are no questions, you may enjoy sailing!


With good weather it can be incredibly busy on the water, at the locks and in narrow canals. Pay close attention to this and keep a moderate speed to avoid nasty accidents. It’s best to have no or little throttle and wait, then sail past something at full speed.

Look carefully behind you! To sail safely, you need to know what is happening around you. Look over your shoulder periodically to make sure you are not being overtaken by a faster boat.

Sailboats have priority over motorboats. Because sailboats are less maneuverable, you give them priority. This only applies if the sailboat is sailing on sail, not on the engine. Canoes and sups also give you the right of way because you are more maneuverable than they are.

Large boats that are commercial vessels have priority in the locks! Do you see a boat from GroteSloep.nl or Almere Rondvaarten behind you when you want to enter the lock? Then you must give these boats priority.

Does something unexpected happen along the way that you want to talk to us about right away? Have you had a collision with another boat or run into something? Is something broken or does the boat stop working for some reason? Then call us directly at +3168378325.

Of course, you can also send a WhatsApp or call to ask where it is best to go or to discuss whether you can rent the boat for a longer period.

Along the way, don’t forget to take pictures and share them with your friends! If you want to mention us on social media you can do so via @dekapiteinalmere.


Moor the boat back where you got it from, one of our staff members can help you dock if this is not possible.

Make sure you are back in time. Be aware that you will be traveling much longer by water than by land. A small distance in kilometers can take a long time on a boat, you quickly mistake the time. We ask that you return the sloop by 9pm or before sunset.

Report any damage or defects to one of our staff, if you have already called in advance we will walk through the situation together.

If there are no details, we will refund the deposit.


Discover Almere from the water with a tender